Guidance Material

A tool kit of materials (resource guide, flash cards and a poster) has been developed to assist program and field staff involved in the design, implementation and/or evaluation of community-based water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) programs to work effectively with both women and men by:

  • Promoting positive and empowering relationships between program staff and the community and between members of the community.
  • Seeing and valuing the different contributions and views of women and men, to further their community‚Äôs development.
  • Ensuring that women and men can meaningfully contribute to discussions and decision-making relating to WASH in their community.
  • Promoting WASH outcomes that address the different but equally important needs and hopes of women and men.
  • Recognising that WASH programs are not only a pathway to better water access and quality, sanitation and hygiene but can also promote positive and respectful roles, responsibilities and relationships between women and women, women and men, and men and men within communities.

Resource guide

Flash cards


Case study snapshot - Fiji

Case study snapshot - Vanuatu